Asim’s team wins the task, Rashami & Devoleena enter the house

Bigg Boss 13 November 7, 2019 Written Update: Asim's team wins the task; Rashami & Devoleena enter the house

Asim’s team wins the task, Rashami & Devoleena enter the house

Today’s episode is witness to the amazing entry of Devoleena Bhattacharya and Rashmi Desai, which shakes the entire house. In addition, there is an ugly spot between Siddhartha and Aarti.

The episode begins with the continuation of the task of BB Transport Services. Paras accused Siddhartha Shukla of biting his nose everywhere. Khesari and Siddhartha joined a minor quarrel. It comes immensely and tries to understand the whole issue to khesari. Paras announced after the buzzer that the other team had won.

He then removes mahira from his group because he is unwell. Mahira, paras and Arhan make fun of Siddhartha Shukla.

There is a discussion about the behaviour of Tehzin between Siddhartha and Asim. He advises Asim to let tehsein go whatever he wants. He also says that Arhan has gone silent because he knows that he cannot do anything.

The Hindustani Bhau was hilarious and said that siddhartha and paras battle happens when he is not there. Paras, Tehzin and Khesari make game plans for the task. Paras advised Bhau to take his name for captaincy. He says that many things would come up when he becomes a captain.

The work resumes in the evening. Paras ended up hurling his finger. He gets angry and says that he should have hurt others too. Siddhartha taunted him and mahira also assaulted him with Himanshi.

The Indian Bhau comes in the middle and asks him not to come between paras and Siddhartha whenever they join a battle. Meanwhile, Shahnaz and Paras advise Mahira to stay away from Siddhartha.

Tehsen apologizes to Himanshi because he was hurt during the task. Hindustani Bhau and Shahnaz asked Mahira to stay away from Siddhartha and not to target him. He goes and complains about paras.

Then he talks to the prince about his behaviour towards mahira. Paras tries to understand the prince and advises him not to say certain things to others. Meanwhile, Asim stands near the door and makes them laugh.

Paras and Siddhartha get into an ugly spot again. Himanshi comes and tries to clear things about the whole issue from paras. Shefali says to Shahnaz that sometimes she feels that she is Rakhi Sawant. The prince reacts lightly and so on.

Shahnaz and Hindustani Bhau are discussed among themselves. He tells him that Himanshi cried the other day when he taunted him. He burst into saying that he was not aware of anything. Bhau asks him not to shout and talk in a normal way. Paras and Mahira try to calm him down. Bhau gets angry at him and says he is trying to solve things. Meanwhile, Siddhartha and Himanshi discussed some of the people who had been targeting him for a month.

The work resumes and the people of the House put luggage on the truck. There is a discussion about shahnaz in Hindustani Bhau, Himanshi, Aarti and Shefali. Paras announced that Asim’s team has won again and he makes Arhan out of his team. The Big Boss congratulated Team Asim for winning the task. Shahnaz and Hindustani Bhau try to clear things with each other.

He also tells him that Himanshi never called him Rakhi Sawant. Meanwhile, Bhau admires Paras’ patience and also says he knows how to play his game.

Aarti discussed with Asim and Siddhartha about alternatively cleaning the bathroom. Asim Siddhartha asks him not to talk loudly with Aarti. Siddhartha tried to understand Asim Aarti’s game. Shahnaz talked about Siddhartha’s behaviour in front of paras, Mahira and Khesari. Paras and Siddhartha had a fun quarrel with each other except everyone in the fleet. Later, in front of Siddhartha, Asim, Himanshi and Shefali, Hindustani Bhau copies paras.

The next morning, the family wakeup and dance on the energetic ‘Hamma Song’. Siddhartha talked about the behaviour of the prince in front of the Hindustani Bhau. He also says that he has been trying to reconcile with him from the second day. Bhau jokes about some things that divide others.

Aarti and Limitless try to clear things about past fights with each other. There is a discussion about Siddhartha Shukla in Arhan, Khesari and paras. Meanwhile, Himanshi, Shefali, Asim and Siddhartha discussed the changing aspects of Aarti.

They also talk about how paras is roaming despite having an injured finger. Himanshi and Shefali talked about Rashmi and said she was a strong competitor. Aarti speaks of her heart in front of Shefali and tells her why she is not talking to Siddhartha.

After some time, suddenly the doorbell rings, in which Rashmi and Devolena enter the house. Paras, Shahnaz and others go and hug them, while Siddhartha looks from afar. They are invited to the house again by the Big Boss. Devoleena says she is happy to see the boys working in the kitchen. She tells Shahnaz that she is not aware of anything that has happened for the last 4 days.

Siddhartha and Asim discussed about Rashami and Devoleena. Sid says his group has now become stronger. Devoleena asks about paras ‘ finger and blames Siddhartha for that. He also informs Rashmi and Devoleena that Siddhartha has been nominated for two weeks and about his violent quarrel with Mahira. Shahnaz informed Rashmi that Siddhartha was very happy when he was over.

Rashmi wonders why Shefali did not talk to her. He goes and talks to him. Shefali clarifies that she had a cold because she could not interact with her.

There is a discussion about the entire game of Hindustani Bhau and Shefali which will change from there. He also admires the Big Boss by using the word ‘ Chanakya ‘. They talk about how paras will join Rashmi and Devoleena to insult Siddhartha. Rashmi and Arhan had a friendly conversation. They talk about many things, including Siddhartha Shukla and Asim. Then Rashmi asks him not to reconcile the things between Siddhartha.

There is a discussion about Siddhartha Shukla and his game in Hindustani Bhau and Aarti. Siddhartha Shukla clarified to Asim, Himanshi and Shefali why he is not talking in the context of Aarti. Then he ‘hello’ towards Aarti and goes inside the house. She goes again and asks her what is wrong with her. She speaks with a burst and says she doesn’t want to talk to her.

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