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Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla emerges as ‘the hero of the house’, Asim Riaz is close second. Who will win the show?

Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla emerges as ‘the hero of the house’, Who will win the show?

Big Boss 13 is seeing a lot of changes in the dynamics inside the house. While everything is not right between Siddhartha Shukla and Asim Riaz, who would take the Big Boss ‘ trophy?

Siddhartha Shukla, who has been one of the show’s most famous contestants, seems to have changed a new card at least for cameras. The actor was very much criticised during the first month for being very aggressive with female contestants, not forgetting his regular quarrel with Rashami Desai.

He remains a favourite fan on the show and is often welcomed for his friendship with another contestant, Aseem Riaz. The two have earned a big fan after their entry into the Big Boss’s house. Another contestant who continues to shine with Siddhartha is Shahnaz Gill. Hashtag #SidNaaz regularly trends on social media as fans cheer them up for their close bond.

The channel has recently asked viewers to name the real hero of the show. Most of them unanimously named Siddhartha with Asim and Rashmi Desai in second and third place.

One fan said, “I think Siddhartha Shukla because he does what he says and he really makes a relationship with his heart. He is not doing anything, he is very real. “#SidharthaShukla because he summed up the angry young, romantic, toddler, protective, sociable, sensible, beautiful, beautiful, … “One viewer said, “Hero one and only # Siddharth Shukla! They have great personality, leadership quality, smart, talented, mentor, beautiful, entertainment and much more! “

However, the actor got some competition in his own friend Asim, who also emerged as a fan. A fan has made Asim0 “The O-Man of the House0 Declared.

Another said, “Asim Riaz is the hero of #BiggBoss House. He is a hero because without any dirty politics, playing any fake relationship, he is just playing the game and the main thing is that he is showing his real self which is very cute. “

Bigg Boss 13 Day 50 Written Updates: Sidharth, Paras Compete to Woo Shehnaz

Bigg Boss 13 Updates: Sidharth, Paras Compete to Woo Shehnaz

At the beginning of a new day, as contestants advance to breakfast, Shahnaz Gill discovers that the pot has been used and still lying in sync. He is disappointed because he does not get the help of others in cleaning the utensils.

Provoked by everyone’s reaction and irreresponsibility, he makes an issue and taunts Himanshi Khurana for not being proactive and not offering help. A quarrel begins between Himanshi, Mahira Sharma and Shahnaz where Mahira and Shahnaz tell everyone that since there is no captain in the house, all of them need to fulfil and divide responsibilities.

The battle increases when Rashmi Desai also complains that no one helps him to make loaves and wants to change his duty. Siddhartha Shukla intervenes and he gets into an ugly battle and he questions each other’s characters and intentions.

Another argument is between Asim Riaz and Siddhartha as the former tried to control Siddhartha to be aggressive towards Rashami.

Later in the day, the Big Boss announced an exciting task in which Hindustani Bhau was asked to play with the landlord of the house, while Rashmi is his wife.

His daughter is Shahnaz, who is a deteriorating brat and loves both Paras Chhula and Siddhartha. Shahnaz wants to marry one of them but is very confused.

Bhau invites siddhartha and paras’s family to their home where they have to influence Bhau and his family by performing a series of tasks assigned to them.

After the same interval, a buzzer rings and bhau has to get three tokers of flowers and distribute it to a family that he accepts. The family who receives the maximum basket will win the task and their son will be married to Shahnaz. In addition, the winners will also become contenders for captaincy.

After the announcement, the family tries their best to impress the ladthe, vishal Aditya Singh decided to play the role of paras aunt. The contestants also take a meeting of the group and when Bhau, Rashmi and Shahnaz meet to decide their plan, Bhau announces that he wants to be a captain, but Rashmi also tells him that he wants to be safe and hopes to become a captain.

After the first buzzer, competitors gather in the living area which has been converted into a royal court.

Shahnaz behaves like a princess and asks paras’s family to repeat, “Shahnaz Paltu is not a master” and siddhartha’s family is said to be saying, “Shahnaz Hamri is the favourite”. The giant goes down in his character and gidda with the prince.

But Big Boss 13. I have very little joy and fun. Shehnaz sparks a big battle between siddhartha and Asim, the best friend who serves fruit. The battle becomes very ugly and other family ones also join it.

They also try to stop them, but Siddhartha removes his anger because paras provokes him against the limitless and puts fuel in the fire. Aarti Singh and Himanshi objected to it and said that Paras is playing his game and taking advantage of the situation.

Will it fight forever with Siddharth and Asim’s bond? Who will win over Shahnaz and be selected as a contender for captaincy work?

Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan wants to go back in the house to propose to Rashami Desai

Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan wants to go back in the house to propose to Rashami Desai

Arhan Khan’s entry into Big Boss 13 had increased the audience’s interest in the reality show as he found out that he was the alleged lover of Rashmi Desai. However, his stay at home did not last until he expected him to be the latest competitor to finish.

After all 15 days on the show, Arhan says he had a lot of things to do in the house and he didn’t want to leave the place yet.

He says that he had given it in the final work where he had to perform in Siddhartha Shukla’s team, and the two did not get together. The disputes between the two were very common and one of the main reasons was that Rashami Desai was involved in history.

Arhan was believed to have proposed to Rashami on the show, according to fans, but that clearly did not happen.

Arhan has now confessed his love for his best friend, Rashmi, and said that if he stayed on the show a little longer, he would certainly appear before him.

Rashmi Desai and Arhan Khan have known each other for a long time and say that being in the show has changed their feelings towards them. Arhan also said that he is remembering Rashmi very much and will accept his love for an opportunity.

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Sidharth Shukla sorts out differences with Asim Riaz

Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan reveals Anil Kapoor likes to walk in his underwear, recalls funny incident

In the weekend-wise episode on Big Boss 13, Salman Khan pronounced the contestants the Genta and asked them to improve the game by appreciating some efforts, which perform well in the week.

Salman Khan welcomed his dear friend Anil Kapoor, who had arrived to preach his forthcoming film, Madanti.

Kapoor and Khan were carried forward by the rest of the artists, including Krikharbanda, Urvashi Rateela and Pulkit Samrat. They all played a short game on the show.

Salman and Anil needed to answer some bizarre questions about each other.

Asked what anil’s worst habit is, Salman said he likes to wander in underwear. Justifying his answer, Salman said that during the shooting of no entry, Anil had bought new underwear, which later accidentally became a swimming trunk, and went all the way from the lobby to his room in the morning.

Bigg Boss 13: Is Sidharth Shukla Rashami Desai's Target? Evicted Contestant Arhaan Khan Reacts to This Popular Opinion

Is Sidharth Shukla Rashami Desai’s Target? Evicted Contestant Claimed

Big Boss 13, hosted by Salman Khan, is in his eighth week and is leaving no stone unturned to give his best shot in the family game. The week-long time was nothing short of a roller coaster ride for housewives. With many new revelations and new sides of the contestants coming up, the game is becoming harder than every passing day.

Even new entrants have boarded up their sleeves and are showing the audience their best game. In the weekend-wise episode last night, Salman Khan expelled another prisoner. That’s right! Arhan Khan, who entered the BB-13 house as a wild-card entry, is the latest contestant to be out of the reality show.

Ever since Big Boss 13 premiered, a name that is clearly ruling the game show is Siddhartha Shukla. The actor does not fail to come into the limelight for his anger and his fights with prisoners.

However, the audience feels that actress Rashmi Desai is targeting Siddhartha the most and he fights with them even if they are not required.

Reacting to this, Arhan Khan said in his recent interview with The Times of India, “The ISI is not at all and I did not see Siddhartha’ goal while living inside the house. I’m sure he’s not targeting him.”

Adding further, In fact, I wanted Rashmi and Siddharth to sort out their differences, but my intentions were to capitalise. “

Talking about Arhan’s ouster, the actor is not happy with Salman Khan’s Big Boss 13 being out. On the other hand, Rashmi Desai also burst into tears soon after Salman announced the eviction of Arhan.

As we said, BB13 indoors relationships and dynamics are unpredictable. And now with the food of Arhan, will Rashmi feel lonely? Share your thoughts on this in the comments section below. Stay!

Arhaan Khan Shares 'Love and Support' Note for Rashami Post Bigg Boss 13 Eviction

Arhaan Khan Shares ‘Love and Support’ Note for Rashami Post Bigg Boss 13 Eviction

Big Boss 13 is over more than half and Salman Khan ousted another prisoner in the weekend-wise episode. As it turned out, Arhan Khan was eliminated and fans of the show couldn’t help, but tweeting in Arhan’s favour was a genuine and strong contender for the title.

Himanshi Khurana and Arhan Khan were in the bottom two and when host Salman took the name of Arhan, his friend, Rashmi, took his name.

It should be remembered that Arhan came through wild card entry and had been inside for about half a day, such as Mahira, Paras, Siddhartha and Others like Asim. The moment he was evicted, Siddhartha Shukla and paras Chhula started talking about him.

After leaving home, she wrote on Instagram, “My journey to the Big Boss’s house may have been short-time. But this love and support of all of you people is really very incredible and incredible. Thanks for my support and I think it really is!0 You think I shouldn’t have been evicted.

It’s a little irritating because I was starting to perform well on the game! I will definitely miss my bestie, Rashmi Desai well play well, and get the trophy. You are only the best! You are one of the strongest women I know! You have all my love and support.”

The actor’s fans also trended #WhaArhaanKhan to show support to the evicted contestant.

One user wrote, “Arhan Khan was evicted because he is not popular as nominated contestants like Hemanshi and Khesari in Punjabi and Bihar. “

Bigg Boss 13 Written Update November 17, 2019: Arhaan Khan Gets Evicted From The Show

Bigg Boss 13 Written Update November 17: Arhaan Khan Gets Evicted From The Show

Arhan Khan’s journey to the Big Boss house ended in Sunday’s episode as host Salman Khan ousted the container on weekend war. Between Himanshi and Arhan Khan, Salman Khan announced that the latter got at least votes.

However, apart from the expulsion process, Sunday’s episode was about paganty with actors Anil Kapoor, Kriti Kharbanda, Urvashi Rautela and Pulkit Samrat. The stars promoted their upcoming film Paglapanti on Big Boss 13 and doubled the fun on the show with their hilarious game.

Salman Khan performed a dance dance for Haye Mirchi with his friend Anil Kapoor. While Salman was being acclaimed for Anil Kapoor’s evergreen look, Anil could not even praise Salman’s fit body. Anil Kapoor has also revealed that he finds the thirteenth season of Big Boss jhakass.

Later, Salman Khan introduced the contestants through TV, telling Anil Kapoor about his unique features. He presented Shahnaz as Katrina Kaif of Punjab, Himanshi as Meena Kumari to Aishwarya Rai and Rashmi of Punjab because she feels she is a Trjadi queen.

Later, pulkit emperors joined the stars and the trio decided to pay a visit to the contestants inside the house. Anil Kapoor and Pulkit Samrat played a game with family members, in which the contestants had to mention a name that they feel are fritters and give them a piece of neck made of ripe bananas.

Paras was the only contestant who got 4 bananas and was selected as the home’s most bakwaz contestant. Anil Kapoor and Pulkit then joined Salman Khan on stage with the other Pagalpanti stars- Kriti and Urvashi.

The actress entered the show with two big tiffin boxes filled with Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor’s favourite dishes. He informed Salman and Anil that they could eat their favourite dishes, but added that there is a twist of pagananti.

He said that both Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor have known each other for a long time, they have to answer some questions about each other and some of the best mysteries are also revealed.

After his goodbye bid by the stars on the show, Salman Khan started the ‘ waxing ‘ task. He asked female contestants to choose a male contestant as their partner and answered some questions with yes or no. If the answer is no, they will have to wash one leg of their male companion.

Devoleena took full advantage of the task and Siddharth Shukla’s hand thama. Salman and the rest of the house members teased the newest couple of the house.

Bigg Boss 13 Day 48 Written Updates: Rashami Desai Breaks Down After Arhaan Khan's Eviction

Bigg Boss 13 Update: Rashami Desai Breaks Down After Arhaan Khan’s Eviction

On Sunday, Arhan Khan was ousted by Salman Khan from Big Boss 13 as he was one of the least enrolled contestants.

On Sunday, Arhan Khan was ousted by Salman Khan from Big Boss 13 as he was one of the least enrolled contestants. Arhan was a wild card anttrent and his journey lasted only two weeks at home.

At home, he was close to Rashmi Desai, who was also his friend outside the house. Seeing him emerge from the Big Boss’s house, Rashmi breaks down and stops himself in the washroom.

He joined Salman Pagalpanti’s team in this weekend’s war. Anil Kapoor and Pulkit Emperor went inside the house to interact with the contestants, while Urvashi Rateela and Kirti Kharbanda joined them on the podium.

Salman Anil Kapoor meets the contestants through May TV and introduces them by stating their unique features. When he presented Shahnaz as Katrina Kaif in Punjab, he also said that Himanshi is Aishwarya Rai of Punjab.

Joining his list of fans, Anil Kapoor told Salman that he feels very cute and entertaining to the prince. Salman then refers to Rashmi as meena Kumari of the show because he feels he is a sad queen.

Later, to enhance entertainment, pulkit emperors joined in and decided to pay a visit to competitors inside the house. Anil Kapoor and Pulkit Samrat play a game with housewives where they have to mention a name that they feel is ‘Beekwa’ and they should be given a necklace made of ripe bananas.

Asim says he finds Mahira Baksha because he takes care of everyone, while Arhan says that Aarti is confused and so according to him, he is a chattering competitor. Paras, on the other hand, is the only contestant who gets 4 bananas and is chosen as the most dued competitor by other housewives. Anil Kapoor and Pulkit wish the contestants good luck and come back to the stage with Salman Khan in his paganti costumes.

Urvashi Rateela and Kriti Kharbanda take two large tiffin boxes filled with salman Khan and Anil Kapoor’s favourite dishes.

Both informed Salman and Anil that they could eat their favourite dishes, although there is a twist of paganism. Both Anil and Salman have long been close friends, and so they have to answer questions about each other and uncover some of the best mysteries.

After their exit, Salman asks the contestants to play a game in which he asks girls to choose a boy as their partner and answer some questions with yes or no. If the answer is no, they will have to wash one leg of their male companion.

While the answer to mahira proves to be a pain for the Bhau and he makes his legs wax. On the other hand, Devoleena takes full advantage and washs Shukla’s hand while Salman also teases the newest couple in the house.

Rashmi Desai Opens Up About Her Feeling For Arhaan Khan Says She Likes Him A Lot

Rashmi Desai Opens Up About Her Feeling For Arhaan Khan Says She Likes Him A Lot

Salman Khan’s Big Boss is a pot boiler for 13 top dramas. With a quarrel in every corner of the house, romance seems to have taken a small seat.

However, Rashmi Desai confessed to co-contestant Paras in last night’s episode that she really likes Arhan Khan, who entered the house as a wild card.

Arhan Khan and Rashmi were rumored to be dating before the season began and rumours were also rumored that the two could marry inside the house. The TV actress, however, killed all these rumours, before they could move forward and entered the house, that the rumor could re-establish his friendship with former Siddhartha Shukla.

Last evening, Rashmi gave a clean-up about her feelings towards paras and said that even though she really likes Arhan, she is not sure where their friendship is. Rashmi also disclosed that she is planning to marry next year.

The couple who spread rumours inside the house of Big Boss 13 get very well and other contestants in the house also see their najadeekiyon. On last night’s episode, she and Arhan shared a cute little moment when he came to the garden area and laughed at his ear with a gesture.

Fans are certainly curious about where their friendship is going and we hope that romance will end all the conflicts that are currently refusing to die at home.

Why is Sidharth Shukla flirting with Devoleena Bhattacharjee?

Why is Sidharth Shukla flirting with Devoleena Bhattacharjee?

Here are all the top highlight from the episode: 

a person standing in front of a building

Shahnaz Gill and Vishal Aditya Singh destroyed the house frame during the task, which cancelled the luxury budget task. Big Boss announced that the contestants would still be awarded a luxury budget item and decided to go to Etah.

During the task, Hindustani Bhau accidentally hit Devoleena and shouted at her that she should see where she was stepping.

a group of people standing in front of a building

Siddhartha and Devoleena were seen stare at each other and teasing with the flirty dialogue. They were also caught covering a romantic scene – peeking into each other’s eyes without blinking.

Soon, Devoleena offered to help Shukla wash the paint with his hand, and he asked everyone, “Those who talk to the muzzle, no, all come is of the Big Boss, the moment of the moment (whether you talk to me or not, please). Come and see this epic moment. ) “

The next day, Siddhartha was seen washing dishes and everyone was happy with it. Shefali told Devoleena that he should wash siddhartha’s hands so that he could ensure that he worked around the house.

Rashmi was badly disturbed by the development and Arhan told Rashmi that Devoleena and Siddhartha are just teasing each other and should not worry. Devoleena was bathing inside the bathroom and aa ja ray, ‘ singing and Siddhartha went up to the door and asked, “What is Abi? (Should I come now?) “They had another sweet banquet.

Once seeing each other, Devoleena showed the camera a punch while singing a love song for her and Siddhartha told Shahnaz, 0 “Thaek hai mai hush hat, thou shalt be killed! (Well, I will hide, you will die!) “

While discussing the candidates for the prison, everyone started fighting. After a lot of discussion and disagreement with the majority decision, Mahira and paras were jailed.

a man sitting at a table in front of a building

Later, Big Boss gives Hindustani Bhau a special task in which he had to make a video in his style and talk about three people in the house. Here, Hindustani Bhau targeted paras, Mahira and Shahnaz.

The comments on mahira were not good with him, and Bhau disclosed that Paras had also teased him before him and talked about it in this way. This hurt the Mahira deeply and began to argue warmly with paras, which created a rift between them.

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