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OMG! Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla sleep holding hands, what’s wrong with Bigg Boss 13?

In the 42nd episode of Big Boss 13, aired on November 11, 2019, Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill are remarried, while other relationships take a U-turn

Shahnaz Gill and Siddhartha Shukla, who were troubled by a lot of cases with each other, finally made peace with each other. The credit goes to Shefali Jarwala. In addition, Asim stands for Riaz Shukla and questions Arhan over the allegations, yet in the midst of a job.

Find out what will happen in today’s episode of Big Boss 13 right here:

Vishal Aditya Singh enters the house and feels that he is the best in every job and thus will remain for a long time. Himanshi Shukla says that there is another upbeat Durga. Asim cannot believe it and says he cannot fight with a person of such a height. Khesari likes him, feels immense.

Shahnaz teased Aarti and said that it is the same giant that Aarti likes. Aarti said her friend had good things about her. The Indian Bhau team tells Shukla that the giant likes him. Aarti tells them that whatever will happen will be outside the house. Shefali asks her to go for it.

When the BIgg Boss team discusses with Paras, Mahira tells him that he will be his next target because he can no longer target Shukla. Paras tells vishal that Shukla’s attitude is bad, and vishal agrees.

The contestants aroused the ‘ telephone of the heart ‘. Now there is breakfast with Devolea. She questions paras and Shukla about her friendship. He asked who is a better friend, and he takes Shukla’s name.

When asked about the mastermind, he again tells his name. Arhan expected him. Rashami questions why he was logged in the bag of Mahira. Rashmi shouts against Arhan and huge aggression.

The Big Boss announced the noise task Siddhartha and Shahnaz, and Shefali cannot participate because the former has already been evicted and the latter is the captain. Shefali has been further asked who will nominate him for expulsion. He takes the name of Devoleena.

Paras announced the PCO task. Competitors have to speak directly for 15 minutes, and if someone fails to do so, that person is enrolled. If both are on call, they will both be enrolled. Shefali will have to pay a nominated and safe bill. Shukla told Shefali that he did not need to express gratitude to Devo.

The Big Boss announced Rashmi and paras as the first contestants to go to the PCO. Shukla went and asked to see the task.

When Himanshi stops them, Asim says that paras and Rashmi will not be offended, how will they go? Rashmi is enraged as to who was upset when he came back home and named paras Siddhartha and Asim in a sarcastic manner. Paras put the phone at the behest of Rashmi.

Mahira and Aarti are further called. Aarti removes his frustration on mahira. The latter says that Aarti has been lost somewhere. He says that if someone touches him, he will become his target. Aarti says that Mahira should not behave like a prince. None of the two kept the phone.

He comes and is going to meet Aarti when he imitates the prince. They still fight. Aarti is finally peaceful. Bhau and Vishal are the next competitors. When Vishal asks how Bhau met him, the latter says he was hurt by the entry of the giant. They provoke each other, but they don’t keep the phone.

Vishal says that when Bhau says it is his son’s birthday. He goes and embraces him for that. Bhau shares his safe bill with Vishal. The latter asks bhau to pack clothes. It was a ploy and Shahnaz plotted to use the trick again.

Arhan and Limitless are next for work. Asim Arhan explains how he changed his personality within two days. He continues to accuse Asim Arhan and the latter says that everyone’s opinion is one.

Asim accused Arhan that since Rashmi entered the house, he changed his personality. The limitless buzzer also takes steam when it rings. He tells Shukla that Arhan gives a very cute veneer, and they discuss that this is not his real side. Asim says that it was his strategy to talk without stopping. Asim plots how to strike him.

Himanshi and Khesari are in the next task. Himanshi says her birthday is in a single month, and Khesari says that if she comes out of the house, she will get better. They don’t keep both calls. Khesari calls him selfish, and they both get nominated. The task ends there.

The paras tells Shefali that she wants to talk to Shukla, but she is scared. Shefali and Khesari say that if they are remembered, they should not say things that hurt them. Shahnaz says he did not get the attention as Shukla had given. Shefali and Aarti tell Sid that she is normal with her, and at least familiar.

The Big Boss is troubled by all the contestants except Shefali. He asks them to wake up and pull their socks. He asks the contestants the names of two contestants who are the weakest in the house.

The Big Boss leaves it to decide the competitors. The name of Mahira is Khesari and Himanshi. Paras, Shahnaz, Rashmi, Devo, Shefali and Bhau are the same. Everyone says that Himanshi is sick. Arhan, Asim and Siddhartha chose Devo and Khesari.

Devo is sitting next to him. Khesari and Himanshi also show their names. Aarti made a pick of Himanshi and Devo. Vishal took the name of Himanshi and said that being sick is not an excuse.

He also chooses Khesari and says that he has done it now. Paras agrees with the giant. Shefali announces Himanshi and Khesari Lal Yadav. The Big Boss thus asks them to stay awake until the next orders of the Big Boss.

They have to guard the bedroom. Himanshi becomes emotional. They can’t sleep and if they do, everyone will wake up. Himanshi gets emotional and starts crying. Bhau shouts at him for not speaking for her. Shefali and Asim asked him to speak.

After Eviction, Abu Malik Calls His Journey Unpredictable

The house’s female contestants were asked to choose between Siddhartha Day and Abu Malik to eradicate, and based on the majority, Abu was ousted from Big Boss 13.

As Monday’s episode came to a close, Salman Khan announced the names of the ousted contestants and upset everyone. He declared Paras safe.

And as a twist, he revealed that only one contestant will be ejected this week and the eviction will be decided by the girls of Big Boss 13. Each of them was asked to choose between Siddhartha Dey and Abu Malik. Most of the girls were named Abu and were therefore evicted.

After entering the house, Abu took a while to keep pace with the opening and the surroundings, but it did not give him a good game. He was made a quintet or a decision-maker of the house and he played his responsibility very spontaneously. Abu took all the comments with a pinch and did everything with a big smile.

Abu liked to instruct the contestants on making different types of tea and other kitchen duties. In his final week inside the house, he shocked everyone with his patience and determination as he stood against some of the strongest competitors.

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He put his hand on Asim’s hand to save the couple from the nomination, taking into account both the tortures and the difficulties in their way.

It is said that age is just a number and Big Boss contestant Abu Malik swears about it. With a child’s heart, Abu Malik ran a good race in the Big Boss House, and he charmed everyone with his bizarre comments and music.

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