Deepavali 2019: Where to visit during the Festival of Lights?

Deepavali 2019- 27 October

Deepavali 2019: Where to visit during the Festival of Lights?

Deepavali 2019 is an annual Hindu celebration of victory of light on darkness.

During Diwali, bright colours, aromatic fragrances and a thousand oil lamps fill the streets of Little India.

As one of the major cultural festivals in Singapore, Deepawali (which is known to be “Diwali” ” or ‘ “Festival of Lights” Also known as) a celebration which symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

This is when thousands of Hindu families in the city and around the world turn their homes into rays of light, exchange gifts, share feasts and worship for gods like Goddess Lakshmi of prosperity.

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Ahead of the festival day, Hindu families instigated Little India to enter several markets in the district and take pictures of stunning street light-ups.

Monumental installations, Instagram-worthy decorations and bright festive lights will remain steep in the neighborhood for almost a month after Diwali, so there is plenty of time to celebrate with the locals.

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Pursue a garland of flowers and incense while browsing through gold jewellery, traditional snacks, embroidered sarees (traditional Indian women) and decorative decoration stalls. Enjoy a musical performance under the stars while getting a intricate henna tattoo.

Or just park yourself in many of the neighborhood’s coffee shops with mugs of Tah Tariq (pulling milk tea) to see one of Singapore’s most beautiful festivals.

Deepavali: The annual Hindu celebration of the triumph of light over darkness

Deepavali 2019- Why it is Celebrated? And How?

Deepavali is the most important festivals among all Hindu communities. It is celebrated by Hindus all over the world every year.

Know More About Diwali

Deepavali “Festival of Lights” Also known as, the holiday is celebrated with all manner of colorful lights in public and many clay lamps to illuminate private homes. This means “The light can conquers the darkness.” Or you can say, good triumph over evil.

In some countries, especially in India, Deepawali lasts for five days. In Singapore, most celebrate for only one day. Since it is based on the Hindu calendar, the date varies, but it usually comes between mid-October and mid-November.

Deepavali Significance in History

What is in Hindu sculpture is that there is an tradition to celebrate Deepawali, for which different answers are often given. Some say it celebrates Ram’s return to his throne after 14 years of exile on solitude forest land by his wicked stepmother.

Others associate the day with the worship of Mahalakshmi, the Hindu goddess of beauty and prosperity.

However, the story of Deepawali’s background was taken as the defeat of the wicked Narakasura by Krishna in an epic battle, which ended in the people of Mathura in India, lit oil lamps and welcomed the winner.

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How it is Celebrated?

How Deepavali is Celebrated?

Religious ceremonies for Hindus on Diwali include bathing in the morning, dressed in colourful clothes and visiting local temples for prayers. At home, kerosene lamps are lit, doors are adorned with green mango leaves, and Rangoli “Rangoli” Rangoli is made, which is made of dyed rice or flour.

The houses are thoroughly cleaned with flowers and other colorful decorations.

The food is also special during the Diwali celebrations. In Singapore, you can expect recipes that include syrup, rice flour pancakes, dal cakes, yogurt, and moong sweets.

In the markets, stalls will go up a lot, and there will be crowds of shopkeepers from all sides. Some of the main rentals for sale will include: flower garlands, jewellery, and various souvenirs and crafts.

There will also be many hand painters than be happy to draw flowers and other designs on their hands using locally made rosemary colours.

However, 10 per cent of Singaporeans are of Indian origin, five per cent are Hindus., and many others want to join the festival. Overall, Deepawali is a big event in the entire city.

Housemates Send Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaz Gill to Jail

Big Boss News: Shehnaz Gill and Siddhartha Shukla sent to Jail

Big Boss News: With the current decision taken by Big Boss 13 housemates, Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill were chosen to go to jail.

In view of the misbehaviour of the contestants and their adamant attitude, the BB Toys factory was over. Big Boss expressed disappointment and displeasure over their inappropriate behaviour.

Bigg Boss Disappointed

The domestic duties allotted on the first day by the Big Boss seem to have created a crack inside the house. Paras Chhabra  and Siddharth Shukla are serious about it and even raise their question inside Bigg Boss House and are putting forward their views.

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While Siddhartha feels that everyone should perform their duties faithfully, Paras wants the members of the household to wash the utensils and lighten the burden on the team.

He argues with Aarti before washing the dishes and refuses to help. She tries to understand that it is part of their responsibility, but Paras does not move. He does it to prove a point for Rashmi and Devoleena as they assume everyone.

Heated Discussion among Housemates

Siddharth Dey and Rashmi hold a deeper conversation while discussing the behavioural issues of Siddhartha Shukla.

Moreover, Rashmi claims that she has always seen the worst side of Siddhartha Shukla personally and professionally. Devolena expressed her concern over Siddhartha’s behaviour and says she hopes he will understand her.

Before the contestants could start their day, the Big Boss offered a big turn and announced the reveal of the most feared part of the house, the notorious prison. He asks the contestants to unanimously disclose the names of the two contestants who are eligible to be put behind bars.

Paras takes off and says that Siddharth Shukla should be put in jail because he takes no responsibility for the house.

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Siddhartha also gets agitated and attacks Paras and puts him weak. A heated debate begins, and all hells become loose. Rashmi also claimed that Siddhartha was targeting her.

Big Boss News: Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaz Gill to Jail

Big Boss News: Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaz Gill to Jail

With the debate on the centre stage, Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill were selected to go to jail. While Shehnaaz is unaffected in prison, Siddhartha loses his peace.

He constantly complains of heat and requests a fan from the Big Boss. To vent his frustration, he hit the punch on the walls of the prison washroom. Leaving everyone in the house is worried for him.

Bigg Boss 13 day 17 written update episode 17, October 16: Paras says Siddharth was made to leave a show after he fought with Rashami on sets

Bigg Boss 13 Update: Siddharth was made to leave a show after he fought

Bigg Boss 13 Update: Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi has worked together in TV serial ‘Dil se Dil Tak‘.

Later, these two celebrities left the TV show stating some anonymous reason. Besides these,rumours are arising inside Bigg Boss House that Siddharth fight with his co-star has turned into a great controversy.

Bigg Boss 13 episode aired on Wednesday entertained the audience all the way. During the show, the contestants come with different sets of team to perform the discussion and task. Lets talk about some of the important highlights.

Siddharth Shukla asked Shehnaaz- “Does Paras Chhabra loves her?” But in reply, Shehnaaz neglected it and simply says no to Siddhartha. Further he added, why she takes care of him(Paras) and why she fight for him? Shehnaaz replied – “Mai toh aisee hi bol rhi thi.”

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When Paras was rejecting toys of opponent team, Shefali Bagga  broke into anger and start using abusive language for Paras. She said- “Aisa kya bol rha hai beta tu?” Your son will be like you.

Paras was abused and hated. Still Paras continued and replied saying that yeh bachho ke bare me kya baat hai?

Shehnaaz said that Siddharth Shukla made Rashami Devoleena to react and show her anger. She also added that she always takes his name to defame you. Siddharth in respose saying “Yes … Yes !”

Shehnaaz said Rashami is such kind of cheap lady who can do anything to prove her words. Wo jhooth bolne me mahir hai aur ghar me uski compare ees mamle me kisi se krna bekufi hoga.

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Meanwhile, Aarti asked Devoleena that “Is she worried?” She also states that Siddharth Dey is her enemy. Aarti said that none of the housemates believes in Siddharth Dey. Later then, Aarti goes to Siddharth Shukla and discuss the same thing again.

Bigg Boss 13 Update

Shehnaaz once again found to asking to Siddharth Dey and Devoleena to start fight again? Meanwhile, the discussion was going, Bigg Boss announced the toy factory task.

Devoleena goes to kitchen next to Rashami and start weeping suddenly. Rashami hugged Devoleena and she takes her to bedroom and then she discussed the issue of Siddharth Shukla there.

After few minutes, Aarti comes to bed room and then Devoleena asked her to convince Siddharth. Hearing Devoleena words Aarti becomes angry and said that she is not doing any such kind of thing.

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Siddharth comes after a while and told Devoleena- “Mere bare me baat ho rhi hai? kya? If anything going about me, told me. ” Then another fight broke between two along with Rashami this time.

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Diwali 2019 Celebration in UK

Diwali 2019: Everything you need to know about Diwali

What is Diwali? Diwali 2019 date ?

Diwali known as festival of lights and colors and celebrated as a five day festival. Each day has its own significance. These 5 days of Diwali 2019 remarked as day of joy, forgiveness, knowledge, the goddess of wealth- Lakshmi, and the legend of Rama and Sita.

Some people also consider this festival as getting victory over bad deeds and works. Meaning in some society, this festival is also projected as a significance in history where bad deeds gets prevented and truth and honesty gets victory over it on this special occasion.

Including India and Other Hindu societies living in the world along with Sikh and Jain communities also celebrate this festival. They celebrate it by lighting candles, lamp and decorating their house with beautiful and colorful designs also known as Rangoli.

At a glance | Diwali 2019

-> Diwali is a festival which is signified as triumph of goodness over evil.

-> Majorly, celebrated by Hindus, But along side, some Sikhs and Jains communities also celebrate this holy festival.

-> Diwali is a Sanskrit word which has its own meaning in language called ‘row of light.’

-> The festival is marked by worship of goddess of wealth, also known by her common name- ‘Lakshmi.’

-> During this special occasion, people clean their houses and decorate it with colorful designs also known as Rangoli. Alongside, people light every space with candles and something special called ‘Diya’.

-> Young children celebrate this festival by cracking fireworks.

Diwali 2019

When is Diwali 2019?

This festival usually comes in month of November or October. According to Hindu calendar, it falls on 15th day of ‘Kartik‘ month.

Diwali 2019 date is Sunday, 27 October on which major celebrations is observed. Deepawali 2019 will be observed from 25th of October to 29 with Amavasya falling on 27th of October.

Although, the festival happens for 5 days, 3rd day is marked as the most important date on which major celebration happens. Meanwhile, each days carries its own significance.

Day 1- Dhanteras

This day marked as day of prosperity and on this special date, Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth is worshipped by the people.

‘Dhan’ in Hindi means money and ‘Teras’ means the 13th day of lunar fortnight. That’s why its called DhanTeras.

Day 2- Naraka Chaturdasi or Chhoti Deepavali 2019

The day is marked by the killing of demon ‘Narakasur‘. The supreme god Krishna and goddess Lakshmi killed the demon on this very special day.

Its being called Naraka Chaturdasi because on this date, the powerful demon Narakasura has been killed and according to Hindu calendar, this event happened on the month of Chaturdasi.

Day 3- Amavasya or Lakshmi Puja

This darkest day of month is most special day of deepawali. The day is dedicated to Mata Lakshmi for wealth, fortune, prosperity.

Day 4- Govardhan Puja

This is the same date on which Lord Krishna defeated Indra. In Hindu culture, Indra is considered to be the god who controls thunder and rain.

Day 5- Bhai Dooj

The day is characterized by brother-sister relationship. Sister pray for their brother’s long life, prosperity and good health.

How to celebrate Diwali in the UK

Diwali date is a calendar highlight all across the globe and UK is not an exception. From Edinburgh to London, the city is full of lights, candles and joy.


The city of Welsh celebrates it by organizing a event called ‘Diwali Mela’. It is organized at Fagans National Museum of History. The event also includes opportunity to learn more about Ramayana.


Princes Street Gardens dazzles with beautiful lights and colors on this special occasion. Alongside, dance performance and singing makes the place more joyful.


This year, Victoria Square will be again dazzled with lights and joy of Diwali. Alongside, Birmingham’s Premier Diwali Mela adds joy to the people living in Birmingham.


The city is recognized for hosting one of the biggest diwali events outside India. For next coming two weeks, Belgrave Road seems to be observed as place of fireworks and merriment.


The London city sees its main color of Diwali 2019 in Trafalgar Square. During the event, almost 30,000 peoples comes every year.

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Another similar event happens on Wembley Park.

Bigg Boss 13: Fans Upset with Devoleena for Body-shaming Shehnaz, Call Rashami Melodramatic

देवोलीना के फैंस हुए परेशान, वजह है बेहद शर्मिंदगी

‘Bigg Boss 13’ के आखिरी एपिसोड में रश्मि देसाई और देवोलीना भट्टाचार्य के बयानों ने उनके प्रशंसकों को परेशान कर दिया है।

बिग बॉस 13 में दो सबसे लोकप्रिय सेलेब्स हैं, जो देवलना भट्टाचार्य और रश्मि देसाई हैं। दोनों एक लंबे समय के लिए नाम किया गया है और वे अच्छी तरह से रियलिटी शो में सुर्खियों में बनाने के लिए जारी है. हालांकि, पिछले एपिसोड में उनके बयान ने प्रशंसकों को परेशान कर दिया है।

ALSO | बिग बॉस: क्या सिद्धार्थ शुक्ला और आरती सिंह फिर से दोस्त बन रहे है ?

16 दिन, ठीक सुबह, खाना पकाने के दौरान रश्मि पर एक मजबूत tark ke sath apni aggresion bhari mood me samna किया था। आसिम रियाज ने बयानों के विकल्प के साथ रश्मि पर हमला किया।

सिद्धार्थ शुक्ला और शहनाज गिल ने उनका समर्थन किया। उनके विवाद के बाद, रश्मि टूट जाती है और इसके बारे में देवलीना भट्टाचार्य से बात करती है।

यह पहली बार नहीं है कि वह शो पर रो रही देखा गया था. बहस, कार्य और नामांकन के बाद वह अक्सर एक आंसू बहा या दो और netizens इसके साथ काफी परेशान लग रहे हैं.

उसी दिन Bigg Boss Toy Factory task के दौरान देवोलीना और विरोधी टीम के कंटेस्टेंट शहनाज गिल और आसिम रियाज के बीच झगड़ा हो गया। देवलीना body-shames शहनाज और उससे कहा, “Tumhein dekhne se accha mai gaay ko dekh lu (मैं तुम से एक गाय को देखो) होगा.”

देवोलीना के फैंस हुए परेशान, वजह है बेहद शर्मिंदगी

उनकी टिप्पणी सामाजिक मीडिया पर बहुत ध्यान आकर्षित किया है और दर्शकों को जिस तरह से वह यह कहा पसंद नहीं आया.

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इस बीच, Bigg Boss Toy Factory task me लड़कियों के लिए एक लाभ आता है. विजेता टीम में से एक लड़की न केवल घर की रानी होगी बल्कि मध्य सीजन के समापन के लिए टिकट जीतने का मौका भी मिलेगी।

घर के सदस्यों को दो समूहों में विभाजित किया गया है, जिनका नाम है – शुक्ला और छाबरा। आरती सिंह, शेफाली बग्गा, शहनाज और आसिम शुक्ला की टीम में हैं, जबकि देवलीना भट्टाचार्य, रश्मि, माहीरा और सिद्धार्थ डे छाबरा का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं। टीमों को खिलौने तैयार करना होगा और अधिकतम खिलौने के साथ एक कार्य जीत जाएगा।

कौन सी टीम Bigg Boss द्वारा दिए गए आदेश को पूरा करने में सक्षम हो जाएगा? किसी भी लड़की को सप्ताह की रानी होने का मौका मिलेगा और मध्य सीजन के समापन में अपनी स्थिति को सुरक्षित?

बिग बॉस

बिग बॉस: क्या सिद्धार्थ शुक्ला और आरती सिंह फिर से दोस्त बन रहे है ?

बिग बॉस Update:- देवलना भट्टाचार्य के साथ बातचीत में आरती सिंह ने बताया कि उनके भाई Krushna Abhishek ने अफवाहों पर कैसे प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त की और उनसे सिद्धार्थ शुक्ला के बारे में पूछा।

बिग बॉस का ताजा सीजन धीरे-धीरे एक-दूसरे के साथ सहज हो रहा है। हाल ही में, प्रतियोगी आरती सिंह ने उनके और सिद्धार्थ शुक्ल के relationship के बारे में अफवाहों को jawab किया।

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शो में देवलीना भट्टाचार्य के साथ बातचीत में यह बात कही, आरती ने कहा, “घर में आने से पहले सिद्धार्थ शुक्ला के साथ मेरे संबंध के बारे में खबरें थीं। मैं डर गया जब मैं इसे पढ़ा है क्योंकि मैं अब डेटिंग में दिलचस्पी नहीं है.”

दोनों को डेटिंग करने की अफवाह थी और अक्सर उन्हें एक साथ देखा गया था।

बिग बॉस- arti singh and siddharth shukla relationship

आरती सिंह(Aarti Singh) के भाई अभिषेक को भी इस खबर की चिंता थी। हालांकि, जब अभिनेत्री ने यह सब निराधार होने का रखरखाव किया, तो Krushna (क्रुश्ना) को यकीन हो गया।

ALSO | Dalljiet Kaur Says ‘I’m Little Shocked’ Over Bigg Boss Eviction

उसने कहा, “मेरा ध्यान बहुत स्पष्ट है कि मैं शादी करना चाहते हैं और अगले साल तक mai shadi kar chuki hongi. मैं कैरियर ko lekar kafi kuch sochti हूँ. मैं शादी करना चाहता हूँ और बच्चे पैदा करना चाहता हूँ.]

अभिनेत्री शो में बेरोजगार होने के बारे में बात की थी.

वर्तमान में, आरती सिंह शो पर मजबूत जा रहा है. उन्होंने सिद्धार्थ शुक्ला के साथ भी अच्छा संबंध स्थापित किया है और यह भी जारी किया है कि वे बुरे व्यक्ति नहीं हैं। हालांकि, शो में पारस छाबरा और रश्मि देसाई के साथ उनके अच्छे दोस्तों के साथ उनका पतन हुआ।

Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai's relationship

Bigg Boss 13 News: Sidharth became Rashami Desai’s Slave

Bigg Boss 13 News- It has been two weeks since the Salman Khan’s reality TV Show started. What going inside the house especially the relationship between Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Deshai has been a matter of interest for audience.

From the very first day, these two contestants are giving tough competition to each other. In the first week, Rashami and Siddharth started coming together and closer. Its because they have tried to get rid of negative feeling or misunderstanding happening between themselves.

ALSO | Bigg Boss 10 का ये Pictures देखकर आपको क्या याद आता है?

Bigg Boss 10 Contestants

Bigg Boss 10 का ये Pictures देखकर आपको क्या याद आता है?

Bigg Boss 10 16 October 201 se start hua tha. Es season me contestant ke taur par Lopamudra Raut; Antara Biswas; Sahil Anand; Rohan Mehra; Elena Kazan; Bani J, Manveer Gurjar, Swami Om jaise contestants they.

Agar ees Bigg Boss 10 ki baat ki jaaye toh ees season ka winner baney they Manveer Gurjar. Ey season ees liye aaj bhi yaad kiya jata hai kyunki Swami Om jaise ghatiya aur ghinauna contestant bhi eesee season me tha.

ALSO | Dalljiet Kaur Says ‘I’m Little Shocked’ Over Bigg Boss Eviction

Swami Om targeted Rohan’s family during their fight

1.Swami Om ka kartut

ees photo me jaise ki aap dekh sakte hain ki Swami Om Rohan Mehar ko kos rha hai. Dar asal hua kuch aise tha ki Swami Om ka dawa tha ki Rohan ko captain bne me wo hi madad kiya hai aur aaj wo ushi ko punish kar rha hai.

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Dalljiet Kaur First Contestant to be Evicted from Bigg Boss 13, Says 'I'm Little Shocked'

Dalljiet Kaur Says ‘I’m Little Shocked’ Over Bigg Boss Eviction

When Dalljiet Kaur entered Bigg Boss House, it seemed to all of Bigg Boss audience that she will play the game to mid-half season. But unfortunately, she has been dismissed from the show very early.

I think Dalljiet Kaur is has been one of the most influential celebrity in season 13. She has got the talent and beauty. But unfortunately, she failed to survive in Bigg Boss house for long duration. Her style of playing the game and playing the task given by Bigg Boss is fabulous.

ALSO | Bigg Boss Latest News: ‘बिग बॉस’ बंद करो मंत्री का बयान आया सामने

During the duration of show, she has not been seen fighting fiercely with any of the Bigg Boss 13 contestants. She has been just set an example of how to play peacefully and calm.

She made friendship with Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashami Desai inside Bigg Boss house. In a discussion with Siddharth Dey, she has been seen in some angry moment because of Siddharth Dey mentioning her son’s name. It was a fierce moment.

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